Sunday, August 3, 2008

This was a double duty day!!! Not only did I make cards, I actually made JEWELRY, too! The bracelet, which started as an 18gauge copper strip, was pierced and sawed with a jeweler's saw, then I formed it into a bracelet shape and added the hammer texture. Voila! This is another sample for the Jewelry I class that I will be teaching again in the fall for the Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore. I was able to make this in almost 2 hours, which included the design time.

My second project was one of the samples for the rings class I will be teaching in November for the Gem Cutters Guild. The workshop, called "Rings - Fast & Furious" will be a 2-day weekend and we will be making 5 rings, 3 of which can be made in an hour! This ring consists of a 20gauge fine silver strip and a 20gauge copper strip. I drew a design on the copper, then pierced and sawed it out with the jewelers saw. I then sweat soldered the copper strip to the silver strip, formed the resulting strip into a ring and soldered that closed. A little tweaking with the ring former (LOVE that tool) to make it round, some sanding and polishing, and VOILA! another project done. This one took a little longer, probably 3 hours as I ran into a few unexpected issues that caused extra cleanup! Yikes! The result is worth it, though, and I LOVE how it looks, although this pic is a tad blurry. Now that I see the final product, I have some other designs that are begging to become pierced rings!

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