Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now...the Beads

Finally, I'm getting some new lampwork beads done! The Greater Washington Bead Society 3rd Annual Gala is fast approaching and the Mid-Atlantic Society of Glass Beadmakers is providing the commemorative beads. This means 10-20 beads have to be made by each lampworker who volunteers for this challenge! Here are my 1st 4, 16 (I hope) to go! I am also experimenting with all the frit I have been accumulating and getting some fabulous fuming colors and glitter! They do seem a bit on the "dark" side, but they are quite charming in person.

Here are a few more...not very focused, but these are mostly for sale at the next bead show (or on my Etsy shop soon). Only the big one in the center on the right photo is for the gala. Some of the smaller ones in the bottom photo are samples from the last couple of lampwork classes that I have taught at CCBC (Community College, Baltimore County). I will be teaching another Lampwork class this fall, as well as Beginning and Continuing Silver Smithing, and a Chainmaille class. Check the website at and look under the Life Enrichment classes.


A Beaded Affair said...

My really admiration people who can handle fire. Your beads are beautiful. Wish I lived a little closer to take a class. I think I might like to make beads too. Just what I need though, another obsession.

ChezChani said...

I am envious of you and your beautiful lampwork beads and your classes. You've done some really wonderful work!

KimberlyRies said...

Those are lovely! I tried to make lampwork beads and they are harder than it looks. Great job.