Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snow Monkeys

Dave and his Sonora Sunrise rough. We had a busy group on Sunday at Gem Cutters! No less than 4 folks cutting rough! Dave has been collecting more of this strikingly colorful Sonora Sunrise (Jasper?) and he also had a sweet little chunk of Nova Scotia Agate with awesome red flames along one section.

Steve Page, on the right, our fabulous Intro to Gold instructor - owner of Baltimore Rocks, a special little rock and jewelry shop within a short walk of Meadow Mill and our Gem Cutters Shop. Steve does it ALL - facet, cab, cast, wax carving, fabrication, even makes his own gold alloys. If you are in the area, this is a must see - especially the wall-o-rough indoor fish pond!
Mary back at the Genie - I remember that passion for cabbing! Hours at the wheel went by in a flash! Now I have gobs of rough and too many other interests!

I did manage to cut the little slab I bargained with Wayne for at the Gem Cutters Picnic - here are the before & after pics:
Now, can you see the Snow Monkeys? This looks just like the snow monkeys lounging in the hot springs in Japan. There are actually pics on U-Tube of this...Google "Snow Monkeys, Hot Springs, Japan" and you will see these little faces peering up at you from a fur "hoodie"! Even if you don't see the monkeys, this is a fabulous plume agate cab! It is a little larger than I generally cut them, but I didn't want to leave out any of the monkeys!!!

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