Monday, May 9, 2011

MD Sheep & Wool Fest & BLOG CANDY!

Apologies to the couple in front...this was the view on Sat AM from the new craft section (YAY!) up the hill to the other side of the main "drag"... a veritable SEA of people! I arrived at 10:30, after a 1/2 hour waiting in line to get from the exit off of 70 to a parking spot and then a goodly hike from my van to the entrance. WHEW! A perfect day, not too hot or cold, not too sunny or windy. Apparently, when it comes to fiber, the economy is NOT a factor - vendors I spoke to on Sunday were all smiles! Good thing I did my part to bolster their pockeybooks on Saturday, 'cause Sunday some of the booths were looking a bit skimpy ;-), especially the fleece sale! Favorite bumper sticker "If knitting were exercise, I could bounce a quarter off my ass" LOL! (wish it were SO) Favorite T-Shirt "333 - only half evil" (heehee) Favorite booth (mmmm-M!- translate "men in kilts") the one with SteamPunk knitting! and the vendors in period costumes (did I mention kilts?) :-O ...okay I DID look at the knitted samples, too!

Obligatory Sheepie (Karakul?) and a lovely bloom of SOMETHING in one of the barns.

Blog Candy? you ask....

You've got a week to come up with a caption for the sheep photo - the best one (imho) will win a hanging magnet board decorated with some Stampin Up products! Leave your comments/suggestions below and I will contact the winner on May 16th!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Onions at the Market

Sunday morning at the farmers market - I haven't been here for a looooong time and it has grown much larger. There is a whole section of craft booths - something I might do on a free weekend over the summer - set up by 6am, but over by 12. hmmmmm!?!? Anyway this display of onions caught my eye - all those round white circles...
I found out that the omelet guy would do egg white omelets, so that will be the ticket for my next visit...