Monday, November 10, 2008

one more Autumnal

One more Autumnal one image card out the door and in the mail! This is Terry Owenby's "Flora" card with a little "fauna" on the front. Although these last cards are hard to start - I think my inspiration meter is on "empty"! - Once I get going, it usually comes together. I kind of have a theme running through all the cards, I try to put a phrase on it that ends up with a little quirky take on the subject. Sometimes it works better than others! :-O For this one, which started with some kind of stamp on it, I added a postcard stamp with the fern as part of the stamp. Kind of like an ephemera, if that makes any sense! So this made me think of adding some other plant stamps, one which I used some of my new (to me) flocking powders to give it a different texture. It wasn't until I was completely done that the word "flora" came to me.

I have added my little funny bunny stamp to each card (I *AM* Silver Rabbit Studio, you know!), and sometimes the bunny just has to comment! So he has to counter with "fauna" on the front. LOL He does sometimes take on a life of his own, like a character in a book! So here is the finished back of Terry Owenby's card, the original card I received, and finally, the bun with his "fauna" comment.

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