Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn One-Image Swap

Finally, FINALLY I am nearing the end of my teaching frenzy (marathon)! The class scheduled for Sunday was cancelled due to low enrollment (3rd time out of 4 for this location....think there is a message in this?) so....I had Sunday FREEEEEE to play! (catchup, that is). Anyway the Autumn one image swap cards have been patiently waiting for my attention, so I obliged! Actually this is WAYYYY out of my comfort range/experience, but in August I was blissfully free of commitments and signed up! I subsequently stamped a single image on 20 cards (4 1/4" x 5 1/2") and sent them off to Red Dog Scott for shuffling into 20 "decks" of cards THEN sent along to the 20 participants. I received my group and YIKES - it is a CHALLENGE! I have received 4 of my cards back with different treatments, all VERY ARTSY - thank you my very creative sister participants! (photos to come soon...) So with no further ado, I am posting the 4 cards I finished this weekend:

Louella DeMers (Run Spot) Michele Jackson (Latte')

Paulette (Omm) Roberta Wax (Got Carrots?)
I liked these so much I reeeeeeeally had a hard time putting them in the mail! I hope I am as inspired for the rest :-O!

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