Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Finally, I've started my blog...
There are so many options here - mostly because I have SOOOOOO many interests.
But right now I am worried about my bff, David. He has girlfriend troubles like you wouldn't believe!!! (I could write a BOOK! - wait - I am!) Anyway, possibly more about that later - I will be curious if folks weigh in on these particular "girlfriend" issues - perhaps he really is not alone in this quandary.
Other interests - making jewelry, SELLING jewelry, my etsy site and my new etsy passion and where it leads me...
My latest craze - rubber stamping (mostly cards)
...and the most difficult thing of all, carving some kind of organization out of my gazillion THINGS so I can find them, use them, get rid of them, etc. etc. etc.
Got to wrap up now to run erands before my bff girlfriend, Johanna, and I sit down to watch PROJECT RUNWAY (how i LOVE it!).

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